Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Lindsey Memering

Pony Head ShotCharlotte,

So I've been home a whole day and have had the time to really look over all the things I've learned in the experience with you. Besides coming away with some great riding skills and some awesome arm muscles which I hope to maintain ;) I've come away realizing what it is to really be a horsemen and to really appreciate the knowledge that I've gained about horses not just about riding. I have already ridden since being home and its amazing what things I can do and what I know I can get accomplished after my experiences at your facility. My leg is so much better and I know how to really come through and ride a green horse better than ever before. Not to mention I can catch a lameness issue and not just see it but know how to treat and care for the issue and pass the knowledge on to others. I can train a novice to correctly care for those horse with what could be physical issues but do not need to be with proper riding, and this is all because I have been to your barn and because you and Steve teaching me all you have known. Please pass on the message to Steve that I really appreciate everything he has taught me as well. His grooming techniques are some of the best I have come across not to mention he knows how to really brighten a person's day with his natural personality. Again I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to your place of business  and learn all I've learned. I hope we cross paths one day and we keep in touch you all are great people and I loved my time there. Let me know if I can ever help you guys in anything. Tell Steve and Michelle I miss them.

Take care,

Mary Glier

Mary & CharlotteWorking at Trans-Atlantic Show Horses for Charlotte Gerstenfeld provided me with an education superior to most equine studies programs in the country.  Her program provides hands on instruction on all aspects of horsemanship from cleaning stalls to proper and ethical interaction with others in the industry. After leaving her program after 2.5 years I was hired at a top level show barn where my high quality work set me apart from the rest of their staff. Charlotte also took the time to develop my riding and my horses education. She goes above and beyond to help her students achieve their riding and showing goals, her support and unfailing dedication allowed me to progress so much farther in my riding than I though I would be able to come. I worked hard for her but the hard times were offset by a fun work atmosphere and rewards and appreciation for a job well done. I hope anyone who works for her in the future takes away the same valuable lessons and experiences I have had with her.


Mary Glier

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