Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Sophia with Space CowboyWe at Trans-Atlantic Show Horses believe that a consistent training program is a necessity to having consistent success. The head trainer Charlotte Gerstenfeld spent 7.5 years expanding her knowledge on how to produce both horse and rider in Europe. One year in Switzerland and almost 7 in Germany. There she trained horses and competed both young and older horses internationally. Before that she worked for top hunter and equitation trainer/rider John Bragg in California. She combines the discipline for details which have made the German equine educational system famous, with the softness of the American style to form a well rounded training program. She believes that the key to good jumping is good flatwork. She believes that thru the strengthening foundation of good basics the harder questions that can be asked on a complicated course and be easily answered by both horse and rider. Both equine and humans alike learn from their mistakes and Charlotte believes strongly that only by trying does one make a mistake and thus learns. This system has proved time a time again to produce easy horses to ride and confident riders. All training packages are custom made and designed around the client’s needs and desires. We believe in educating our riders to be a horseman/woman. Here at Trans-Atlantic we not only have the facility to produce consistency but we also have the experience.

Trailer-ins are welcome! Lessons or clinics at your barn can also be arranged.

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