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Trans-Atlantic Show Horses specializes in not only producing and selling top quality show horses, but also in educating well-rounded riders.  Our methods integrate the discipline and attention to detail valued in the German system with the speed, grace, and fluidity that define the American style. Our goal is to provide a complete education for both horse and rider to achieve a consistency of excellence at home and in the show ring.


Charlotte Gerstenfeld

Charlotte graduated from Hollins University in 1994 with a BA in Economics/Business and a minor in Biology.  After graduation, she moved to California.   For the next year, Charlotte worked for Jim Hagman at Elvenstar Farms and then spent the next five years working for John Bragg at Bridgeport Farms. While working for John, she came to realize that her knowledge of educating show horses was limited.

In order to achieve her goals, she needed to travel to Europe where they are known for producing the majority of the world’s top show horses.  Charlotte was fortunate enough to begin her training in Switzerland working for a true horseman and horse dealer, Gerhard Etter.   After working almost a year for Gerhard as a sales rider, she decided to move to Germany; the country where a majority of Grand-Prix and Olympic horses are produced.  Charlotte continued her journey working at the Zweibrucken Pferdeverband.  She continued to work in Germany for another six years for different sales barns and breeders.  She spent her years working for Axel  Woeckener, Wulf Rulf, some private breeders and Hauke Luther.

In Germany, Charlotte had many placings in the young horse classes called Springpferde. These classes are 3’6, 3’9 and 4’0 classes (1.10 meters – 1.30 meters).  These classes are for horses six years and under and are judged on style and riding ability.  She also had success in competing horses in the regular jumper classes where the placings are based on time and faults.  She had numerous placings in 1.10 to 1.40 meter classes.

At the conclusion of September 2009, Charlotte decided to return to America and start her own business, Trans-Atlantic Show Horses. She began selling horses that she trained in concert with training and instruction of clients.


Our general philosophy on riding is a simple one – less is more.  Riding in itself is not complicated.  More often than not, it becomes complicated due to the miscommunication between horse and rider.  This miscommunication often begins from a lack of education and discipline in the fundamental riding principles.  When one understands the mechanics of riding, the dance with the horse becomes fluid and quiet. This dance is the beauty of floating down to a 5’9 oxer, flying over it and cantering away with a smile.  We as riders should never forget that every time we sit on a horse, we are the main contributor to either educating or un-educating the horse.


To take talented young horses and educated them in a system that the American market can profit from and to teach students how to improve their showing success by simply following a consistent system that is healthy for the horse’s body and mental happiness.  The riding system Trans-Atlantic has embraced and teaches is one, which enables the rider’s understanding of how to mold and control the movements of the horse by his or her balance and body aids.  It’s of importance to Charlotte that when anyone purchases a horse from Trans-Atlantic, that they can easily manage the future success of their horses.  This is Charlotte’s training philosophy and she feels confident that clients will be very satisfied for many years to come with their horses.

Charlotte’s grandfather always said “Better to choose quality over quantity.”  This is her business acumen.  The point of her training system is to enable clients to not only reach their goals, but exceed them.  Her business ethics insist that she supply both positive and constructive feedback about the horses that the clients currently own and or they are considering for future investments. 


Proudly located at stony ridge stables
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